Lockdown Postcards / February 2021

As mental health, communication and love #grá is key to every human being’s well being especially during the Covid pandemic I felt that sending a postcard was our way, as artists to express that. #grá/love for our fellow people will always overcome💚

Anna Marie Savage, Initiator of the Project

With the weeks of the third and so far longest Lockdown dragging on, we decided to intersperse our Zoom catch-ups and Zoom Making Sessions with a project that got us back to creating and sharing physical artworks amongst us, albeit long-distance. 28 AAEX members were each assigned another artist for whom to uniquely design one (or more) of the free postcards issued by An Post to every household, using or responding to words from the poem Still by FELISPEAKS, which strikingly reflects on the experience of lockdown. The project afforded periods of reflection and contemplation as well as the joys of both creating something precious for someone else and receiving such a precious item in the post as a keepsake and reminder of these times.

Many thanks to the author for giving us permission to use her words. A rendition of the poem by the herself can be seen here. More information about her and her work can be found on her website https://www.felispeaks.com

Artist Postcards

Aileen Durkan to Caoimhe O’Dwyer
Anna Marie Savage to Geraldine Martin
Bernhard Gaul to Aileen Durkan
Bláthnaid McClean to Anna Marie Savage
Catherine McCourt to Tara Carroll
Caoimhe McCarthy to Sinead McCourt
Caoimhe O’Dwyer to Caroline Duffy
Caroline Duffy to Ciara Agnew
Ciara Agnew to Claire McAteer
Claire McAteer to James McLoughlin (damaged in transport, mended using Kintsugi)
Geraldine Martin to Meilynn Cheung
Heather Cassidy to Petra Berntsson
Isabel Lapuyade to Julie Corcoran
Isabel Lapuyade to Niamh O’Connor
James McLoughlin to Niamh O’Connor
Jenny Slater to Catherine McCourt
Julie Corcoran to Bláthnaid McLean
Meilynn Cheung to Susan Farrelly
Michael Stafford to Isabel Lapuyade
Niamh Hannaford to Úna Curley
Niamh O’Connor to Rachel O’Hanrahan
Petra Berntsson to Caoimhe McCarthy
Rachel O’Hanrahan to Jenny Slater
Santa Drozdova to Tracy Fry
Sinead McCourt to Niamh Hannaford
Susan Farrelly to Santa Drozdova
Tara Carroll to Bernhard Gaul
Tracy Fry to Michael Stafford
Úna Curley to Heather Cassidy