What we are

AAEX (Art as Exchange) is an open, all-inclusive group of visual artists, facilitated and supported by Creative Spark in Dundalk, coming together for the sake of making public art that is accessible, experiential, participative and/or free. In return, participating artists and their practice will grow and develop through a mutually respectful and fair exchange of information, ideas and knowledge. It will inspire artists by providing a space to experiment, learn new skills and make art. As many of the artists are based in rural areas, the lighthearted meet-ups will provide a social outlet, knowledge of our work and greater sense of belonging to a larger community of artists. Active engagement in the development of art initiatives and events in the region.


Through a process of meet and exchange every two weeks, participants may be regular, drop-in or virtual as they choose. While the meetings are loosely formed and organic to allow for flexibility, there will always be a suggested outline set at previous meeting and circulated to allow for any preparation if required. Development of the group, as well as the participants, is important so from time to time there may be studio visits, talks, other group exchanges and exhibition/site visits. Development of art initiatives and events in active engagement with other stakeholders in the community.

Outcomes for Artist

To get our hands dirty! to make art, for participants and for sharing, develop participatory art projects. Identify potential collaborative partners for other projects. Inspiration and development through talks, symposium or visits. Participation in events and exhibits.

Outcomes for Group

That AAEX becomes a recognisable established community of artists. A forum for exchange of ideas and information. A single point of contact for others to meet up with artists in the area.  A repository for group work.

Outcomes for Region 

Development of a vibrant art scene in Dundalk and environs by raising the profile of art, the artist and the group. Increased cultural exchange between artists and a local audience. Community involved and other public art projects of a high standard.