AAEX (Art as Exchange) is an open, all-inclusive group of visual artists coming together in Dundalk for the sake of making public art that is accessible, experiential, participative and/or free.

Active engagement in the development of art initiatives and events in the region is part of what we do within our local community, including art exhibitions, performances and occasional participatory arts workshops for children, teenagers or vulnerable adults. Children’s needs and their safe care are the priority of all AAEX artists at work within the community, during AAEX led art activities, workshops, projects, and events.

We believe in the wonder and importance of creativity in childhood or indeed all ages, knowing that this flourishes when participants are feeling secure and safe. We are therefore committed to protecting children and vulnerable adults ensuring their safe and happy engagement with us in AAEX during arts events and workshops hosted by AAEX artists.

In line with TUSLA requirements, the AAEX Children and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Statement highlights our suite of procedures and policies which help us to maintain a high standard of child safeguarding within our group.

Photo: John Moloney – Random Acts…