Art/Initiatives is a program of facilitating or contributing to art projects in the North Louth region and surrounding areas. These can be AAEX group projects, projects led by AAEX members, which are supported by the group in administration, securing funding, documentation and promotion, or initiatives AAEX is invited to take part in.

For 2019 AAEX teamed up with the  Toberona Youth Club in Dundalk, for a multi-month collaboration in which AAEX artists provide a series of workshops, leading up to a public presentation.

In January 2019 AAEX members were invited as speakers and facilitators of art interactions to First Fortnight 2019 – Inside Out: Again!, an annual mental health awareness event hosted by Creative Spark, in association with Inspire Wellbeing.

Other initiatives to come – watch this space!

Older initiatives:

The Postcard Project

AAEX Mural

First Fortnight 2018 – Inside Out